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Terrasse panoramique - Panoramic view

Restaurant selections

Starters & specialities :

  • Hot goat cheese salad
  • Green salad, tomato, grilled red pepper marinated in olive oil, chutney of oignons, green and black tapenades
  • Green salad, tomato, Green beans, Tuna fish, egg
  • Grilled Prawns with salad.
  • Foie gras as a paté served with green salad
  • Egg with cream and foie gras cooked all together

Les viandes

  • Grilled fillet of beef
  • Grilled fillet of beef with cooked foie gras on top
  • Roasted rack of lamb with herbes
  • Stuffed vegetables with porc meat and herbes ( tomato, onion, mushroom, zukini, egg plant)
  • Organic pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce
  • Roasted organic chicken leg

Les poissons

  • Grilled prawns with garlic and persil
  • Cod fish served with vegetables and aioli
  • Grilled filet of salmon
  • Roasted Seabass with filet of olive oil
  • Baked scallops
  • Grilled lobster with sweet onions
  • Grilled sea bream

Book your table

04 90 74 11 92

Le comptoir des arts

Rue Richard Casteau et
place du pasquier .

84220 Roussillon


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